Welcome to Juniper by the Sea

Opening on Sat 11th Dec 2021!

Swansea Indoor Market, Oxford St, Swansea SA1 3PQ


Juniper by the Sea is my eco-friendly zero-waste shop coming to Swansea Indoor Market on Sat 11th Dec! I wanted to switch to using less plastic in my everyday rituals and make it accessible for everyone else too. I believe that zero waste choices can feel good and easy, and I have searched for the best products to share. They are all things that I use in my own home, from kitchenware to cleaning refills, so I hope you like them too!

Let’s go zero waste together and reduce our plastic consumption.

I hope I’ll see you on Saturdays!


Trading every Saturday – coming on Sat 11th Dec

Zero Waste

Refills of household products


Switch to plastic-free products


Sourced as local as possible